A beauty tutorial on Youtube isn’t the same without the trusty beauty blender. But, it’s set to be obsolete thanks to Molly Cosmetics new creation, the Silisponge.

While it looks more like a breast implant than a beauty product, the Silisponge is, in fact, a fun new way to apply foundation.

Unlike the beauty blender, the Silisponge doesn’t absorb any of the product! According to Silisponge, you’ll save on foundation as you only need to use half the amount to get the same results! 

SiliSponge blending on my 39 y.o. skin…. 😉 #silisponge #clearsponge #blending #beautyblender #mollycosmetics

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It will take some getting used to, but people who hate getting messy fingers will absolutely love this product!


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