Do you suffer from sensitive teeth?

You’ll know it if you do – because every time you have a sip of cold water or bite into something really cold, you’ll feel the annoying pain in your back teeth.

It’s pretty much the pits.

In fact, one in 10 of us suffer from sensitive teeth.

Now, reports are saying that a chemical commonly used as a rust remover may also help tackle sensitive teeth.

According to the report on Daily Mail, the sticky patch, which contains a gel layer of the chemical potassium oxalate is being tested as a treatment for people with the condition.

The patch works by being stuck onto the painful tooth, just like whitening strips, and left in place for 10 minutes.


The pain of sensitive teeth is typically triggered when fluid or food gets into the tiny holes found naturally in the surface of the teeth. Potassium oxalate is thought to work by blocking these holes.

The chemical remains on the teeth and can offer relief for up to one month after a single application.

A major advantage of the new patch is that potassium oxalate does not dissolve in the mouth and remains active for up to a month.

Research so far has shown that the chemical has a desensitising effect by physically blocking exposed tubules.

The trial will commence soon, and we eagerly await the results, just in time for ice cream season!

Source: Daily Mail

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