It’s a pretty rare thing to have a dating app that differentiates from all the rest, but we’ve found one!

PositiveSingles launched an app purely for singles living with STDs.

The website is a chat room and blog community for people looking for advice and support living with an STD.

It was developed by a Californian company, and to be honest we’re loving this concept.

“There’s a terrible tendency to write off people with STDs in the dating world,” Richard Cordova of PositiveSingles said in a release.

“On general dating sites or apps, many singles with STDs are often rejected by others immediately after they disclose their condition. It’s really not fair. Should they be denied an opportunity for love simply because they struggle with a desease? This was how PositiveSingles came into being.”

It has about 750,000 people using the updated version of the app, which allows options of being able to look at two profiles at the same time.


This app could really help a lot of people struggling with STD’s feel less alone and more optimistic about finding love.

According to a 2008 report from the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, there are 20 million new sexually transmitted infections every year – half of those found in young people between 15-24.

There are 110 million STIs among men and women combined.

H/T Cosmo

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