Yikes! Your nail polish might be causing you to gain weight! 

Researchers at Duke University and the Environmental Working Group have pinpointed a hidden ingredient found in many nail polishes that can cause a lot of upset in your body. 

Triphenyl or TPHP makes nail polish more flexible and durable and is also used to make plastic and stop foam furniture from catching fire… powerful stuff! 

However studies have shown that TPHP interferes with hormones. 

In fact, tests on animals have shown reproductive and developmental problems as a result. 

For humans, scientists say it may be linked to weight gain, however further studies will be done before they can confirm this. 

TPHP was included in 49 percent of the 3,000 nail polishes and treatments that were part of the studies. 


Additionally, women absorb more of this chemical than men, suggesting they are processing it through beauty products. 

Fan of the clear polishes? They usually contain more TPHP than coloured ones! 

The Environment Working Group has launched a petition asking nail polish companies to remove TPHP from its products. 

For now, avoid getting nail polish on your skin to keep the harmful chemicals from absorbing into your bloodstream. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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