It’s the problem that all women are forced to deal with each month – and now one company has come up with a solution so you no longer have to worry about your period leaking onto your clothes.

Period-proof underwear.

They’re three words that will change your world and make you wonder why no one had thought of this sooner.

So what sort of hoodoo-voodoo magic makes these pants period-proof you ask?

According to THINX, the miracle makers behind the new underwear, the pants come with four layers that target moisture and bacteria ensuring you remain dry.

The absorbent layers are able to hold up to two tampons’ worth of liquid depending on the style.


But defeating the dreaded leak isn’t the best part of this story.

For every pair of THINX undies purchased, the brand funds the creation of reusable cloth pads for women in developing countries.

With 100 million girls falling behind in school and many eventually dropping out – just because of their period, the pads can mean the difference of an education for these teens.

Consider us sold.


h/t Metro

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