In a day and age where we want EVERYTHING and we want it NOW, it can be hard to wait for anything.

Everyone knows this – and feels the same, which is why there seems to be an app for everything – or a cheat – to help us get what we want faster. For me, it’s losing weight.

I can’t STAND the gym, I’m not motivated to work out daily and left unaccompanied with a packet of chips – well, I go a little crazy. (aka. whole bag GONE.) It’s a BIG problem, especially with my cousin’s wedding coming up. I’m a bridesmaid and FREAKING OUT about how the dress looks on me!

It’s not about being super skinny, it’s about feeling your best in the weight that’s proportionate to your body type and height that’s key.

And with the majority of the country sitting in the ‘overweight’ bracket, it can be a little harder than we might think to feel awesome in our skin.

So for that reason, I’ve performed my civic duty and discovered two legit, natural ways to ENSURE you get down at least two dress sizes in eight weeks, and there isn’t even a personal trainer or lemon detox in sight.

#1: Hypoxi


Now I have heard of Hypoxi for YEARS, but up until a week ago, couldn’t tell you what it was about.

I’ve since learned that it’s a weight loss method that only incorporates 30-50 minutes of light exercise three times a week.

The cool part is, Hypoxi is for anyone, and has a really relaxing element that’s kind of amazing. SCORE. You pretty much lay in a giant wetsuit that’s hooked up to a hose, which then sucks out the air and moulds to your body. Then the bubbles start.

I describe it like being inside a champagne bottle – it’s flippin’ amazing! I could easily nod off in that thing. The reason for it is that it brings your blood to your problem area and oxygenates it, making it easier to target cellulite and metabolise fat. making your cellulite easier to target and the next 30 minutes of exercise you do – THREE times more effective.


The whole system takes 50 minutes each time and targets fat burning for your tummy, bottom, hips and thighs. I tried it out and even filmed it, because I just could not picture it in my head!

Anyway, they say you’ll lose up to five kilos or up to 35 centimetres, or two dress sizes in EIGHT weeks. With my cousin’s wedding coming up, this Bridesmaid is WELL up for the challenge – after a couple of sessions my skin already feels tighter. Of course you have to maintain some training and a healthy diet, which is where the next method comes in.

#2: Easy Diet Diary Calorie Counting App

Now I’ve tried a calorie counting app before and it was terrible, but that was a few years ago. This one is amaze, because it’s SO up to date.

It gives you a total number to hit if you want to lose weight, working in calories or kilojoules.


Then you just add in what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – plus an exercise you did.

The best part is it’s got all the brands in it; I could enter my EXACT brand of rice cakes in, which meant the calories were already stored.

I’m finding it ridiculously easy to record everything that passes my lips, and that’s tough for someone like me, who gets bored with things REALLY EASILY.

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