As if heading to the gynaecologist and getting your legs into the stirrups isn’t embarrassing enough, believe it or not there is actually more cringe-worthy activities going on in the doctor’s office.

Redbook interviewed real women to discover what happened to them in the gynaecologist’s office. The answers may shock you.

1. Really bad timing

“My old gyno was also my mother’s and sister’s gyno. One day during a routine exam, with her hand all up in me, she starts asking how they’re doing. I instantly clenched up thinking about that same hand being in my mother and sister. I thought it was a pretty weird conversation to have at that moment.” — Rachel

2. Showing affection


“My gynecologist would kiss me on top of the head at the end of my appointments. I never thought much of it, but looking back I feel he should’ve maintained better boundaries.” —April

3. Body shaming

“Being pregnant made me emotional enough, but then my midwife said, ‘Look how awful your stretch marks are! Aren’t you doing anything about them?’ If I wasn’t laying down with an extra 65 pounds on me, I would have slapped her.” —Katie

4. Assuming promiscuity


“One gynecologist told me I shouldn’t be surprised if herpes showed up in my STD screening because of my ‘high-risk behavior’ (a.k.a. promiscuity). This was after I’d told him I’d been monogamous since my last test. And of course, my screening was negative.” —Adrian*

5. Actual laughter!

“I saw a gynecologist because I was having pain during intercourse. When he saw my piercing, he said, ‘No wonder it hurts!’ and started laughing. I was like, ‘Dude, are you really doing this?'” —Janae*

6. Guilt-tripping


“I was 20, but looked 16, and I had just found out I was pregnant. I was scared. The doctor asked whether I was considering abortion. I just stared. Then I got a lecture on teen pregnancy and how many people struggle with infertility and that I should consider adoption. I was shocked and said nothing. As soon as he left I lost all composure and started wailing.” —Richelle

7. Being stuck in the dark ages

“When I asked my gynecologist to prescribe birth control pills, her first question was, “Are you getting married?” Completely off guard, I said no and started explaining that I’m in a monogamous relationship, but then realized I had no reason to explain anything. I fired her and got a new gyno.” —Helen

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Source: Redbook Magazine

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