Sometimes tears can come on at the WRONG time but thanks to “science” we now have a way to prevent the waterworks.

This is a little kooky but we’re sure you’ll take this brilliant discovery and use it at some point in your life.

One minute you’re on cloud nine then the next, you’ve been broken up with via text, right before an important meeting… *CAN’T HOLD BACK THE TEARS*

The most important part of this is obviously to catch it before it happens. Moments before your chin starts to wobble pinch down on the webbed skin between your thumb and pointer finger. PINCH IT HARD!

The pain of this is enough to distract you from the emotional pain of what is making you cry in the first place.

According to Ad Vingerhoets, a scientist from Tilburg University in the States, emotional tears usually the result of feeling helpless. Tensing your muscles can make you physically feel like you’re more in control.


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