The other night I was cleaning off my make-up and looked up, only to have to close my eye again as I felt a sharp pain in my right eye.

Not uncommon for women, mascara and eyeliner are always getting stuck in there, but most of the time a bit of blinking and a rinse of water will ease our troubles.

Not this time.

I was in agony.

Not able to open my eye more than half way, I was rubbing my eyelid, trying to move the foreign remnant around in a bid to loosen in, but to no avail.

I rinsed with water, a blink furiously, I swore like a sailor – and none of it worked.


It has to be one of the most delibitating things that can happen to a person, because you can’t function normally while it’s happening to you and your eye doesn’t stop WEEPING!

My partner googled ways to get rid of it; I blew my nose, moved my eyeball around my closed eyelid, massed my lids – nothing worked.

Then, just as I was ready to go to bed, in hopes that while I slept the foreign object occupying my eye would come lose and rid me of this nightmare, my partner found a solution to my eye-watering problem.

There are three steps to this method:

Step #1: Grab onto your top eyelashes.

Step #2: Using your lashes, pull your eyelid down over your eye, as far down past your bottom lashline as possible.


Step #3: Let go of your lashes, allowing your eyelid to slowly glide back into place.

This should give the foreign object room to fall free. I couldn’t believe how easily it worked!

You are WELCOME!

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