Removing unwanted body hair is a task that requires constant vigilance and nerves of steel.

But a frankly terrifying new piece of information may have you dumping your trusty tweezers straight in the trash; turns out that plucking a few stray nose hairs could literally kill you.


“The nose filters the air that we breathe in,” explains Dr Erich Voigt, an otologist at NYU. “Nose hairs help filter large particles.

“Plucking vibrissae [aka nose hairs] can cause a large problem because germs live at the base of the hair follicle and when the hair follicles are pulled out, the germs can get inside and cause an infection.

“These infections are extremely dangerous and can be lethal.

“The veins that drain the blood from the nose lead to the same veins that drain the brain,” Dr Voigt continues. “Germs can travel front to back through those veins and induce meningitis or brain abscesses.”


BUT that doesn’t mean you have to go au naturel; if you’ve got a bushy honker, stick to trimming any wayward hairs rather than plucking them straight out. 

Stay safe out there guys.

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