You know how when you see interviews with models, they always say their secret to looking so good is ‘drinking heaps of water’ and you roll your eyes, knowing no amount of water is going to give you legs up to your ears and perfectly sculpted cheekbones.

Well, the secret to better sex will sound just as farfetched that it’ll probably trigger an eye roll, only it shouldn’t – because it’s true!

The secret to better sex, is actually more sleep. Seriously!

According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a full night of sleep leads to increased sexual desire!

That means that for everyone who doesn’t receive their full 8 hours, arousal is normally a bit of an issue.

With things like birth control, antidepressants and stress hindering your libido, it makes sense to do what you can in order to get in the mood – so get yourself to bed early!

Source: Bustle

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