As soon as winter hits, we find ourselves swapping our self tanner with heavy duty moisturising cream.

Though it’s definitely what our skin calls for during the chilly months, it doesn’t do much for when we do decide to brave the cold and wear a skirt.

If you’re in dire need of a bit of colour, the safe way, there are four fool-proof ways to go about it.

#1: Go gradual

Gradual tanners are GREAT! Most only contain a small about of DHA (that smelly stuff that makes your skin brown) so you won’t stink out the house and upset your boyfriend. They also hydrate your skin each time you apply, and gradually build up to the perfect sunkissed colour for you.

We love Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser because it’s nourishing, smells great and contains vitamins and antioxidants.

#2: Grab the instant stuff


When you’re out of time, instant tanners are the best. You can literally spray it onto your limbs, blend it in and look as though you have a natural, even-looking glow.

We love Le Tan Instant Wash Off because it doesn’t rub off and washes off easily with soap!

#3: Don’t forget your face!

If you’re going to apply some fake tan in winter, failing to include your face in on the action will make it obvious that you’ve reached for the bottled stuff.

We love St. Tropez Everyday Face Gradual Tan because it’s nourishing and provides an even, natural colour

Looking for or natural option?


Jane Iredale TANTASIA is an Self Tanner and Bronzer containing no nasties!

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