While relationships can often lead to feelings of utter bliss, they are also the cause of some of our lowest and saddest moments. 

In those not so good moments, it is common to think that the relationship is a failure, you aren’t meant to be together or that you just don’t know how to be close to someone. 

However, it is in fact the BEST relationships that involve negative feelings as much as positive feelings are present! 

The negative feelings, like deep sorrow, emptiness, being scared and alone aren’t talked about very much because society puts such pressure on our relationships to be ‘perfect’ and of course, telling a happily in love friend about your relationships issues isn’t the best thing for one’s self esteem. 

But, finally, we have proof that when these tough, down moments do occur, we can embrace them and sleep easy knowing they are just part of an ultimately happy, healthy relationship. 

Below is a list of ALL the emotions you should experience during a REAL relationship. 

1. Nerves 


That feeling in your stomach when you haven’t heard from your loved one in a couple of days.. it’s just a reminder of how much they mean to you!

2. Sorrow 

Whether you’re feeling sad for your partner, sad for what you said, sad about the past or sad about that time you were cruel.. ultimately you can’t appreciate or experience the highs unless lows are fresh in your mind and the comparison is real! 

3. Uncomfort

Exposing your true self to someone else should be uncomfortable! However relief should quickly follow as you watch your partner accept your quirks. 

4. Anger


Honest relationships come with honest fights. Arguments are a side effect of passion and are full of purpose and weight. 

5. Tired

Tired from staying up all night.. if you know what we mean!! 

6. Uneasy 

The power a person you love can have over you can be truly scary and can make you feel very uneasy. Ultimately they have the power to drop you from the highest you’ve ever been.. but then again feeling this way is a credit to how in love you are and therefore how good the relationship is! 

7. Ugly 


No makeup, greasy hair and tracky dacks.. if you’re feeling lazy around your partner and they are STILL around.. that’s success!! But more importantly, if you can be yourself around someone, in the way that you don’t doll yourself up like you would if you were seeing other people, you must love them and they must love you. 

8. Frustrated

When your partner doesnt text you for an hour or when you miss them and cant do anything about it.. frustration doesnt have to be about your partner, but instead about not being with them. If you’re not frustrated with the one you love, you’re not really loving him or her.

9. Naïve

A relationship isnt about having it right, but realizing you can be wrong. Its about learning, growing and understanding you dont know everything. Its about everything you have to teach and, more so, learn from your partner. But the two of you can explore the world together, letting the lessons and experiences bring you even closer.

10. Vulnerable 


At the end of the day, the one you love has your heart and if that doesn’t make you feel exposed, raw and in the line of fire, then you haven’t really given them everything.. This vulnerability may shed through time, but it’s always there in the back of your mind. You can’t truly love someone without fearing them. 


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