A teenager was required to be hospitalised after his bubble tea addiction became so out of control, he was unable to stand up or use his hands.

The 18-year-old from China was diagnosed with gout after he suffered major swelling due to his daily intake of ‘boba tea’ which is high-calorie and full of sugar.

The teen was taken to Guangdong Second Hospital in provincial capital Guangzhou this month, saying that his feet had “turned to stone” due to the crate crystals building up in his joints. He was unable to use his hands and couldn’t walk.

Guangdong 2nd Hospital

Doctors revealed they had put him on anti-inflammatory medication which had reduced his uric acid levels by half. He’s slowly able to stand and walk again, but medical staff are watching his condition.

It wasn’t the first time the patient has needed treatment for gout due to an unbalanced diet, however he didn’t take doctor’s advice. This time, he’s swearing off bubble tea for good.


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