Thought the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 couldn’t get any worse as people stockpile the goods in panic amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Spare a thought for those working on Sydney’s sewage systems who have seen a big increase in blockages, or fatbergs as they’re so delightfully known, as people resort to using alternative items to the typical toilet paper.

Look we get it! When you’re desperate, you gotta do what you gotta do, but this is exactly why the panic buying, specifically on items like toilet paper need to stop!

Sydney Water has recorded a 22 per cent increase in blockages in the past month as people resulted to flushing wet-wipes, tissues, and other items that don’t break down easily.

“The build up of wet wipes, facial tissues and paper towels along with fats, oils and grease which people pour down the drain can cause blockages and what we call fatbergs which can result in overflows into local waterways and homes,” said spokesman Darren Cash in a statement, according to Yahoo News.

“Even though wet wipes might state they are flushable on their packaging, the reality is that they don’t break down.”


While blockages caused by non-flushable items can cause headaches for communities, it can also cause issues for homeowners too who may end up with a large plumbing bill.

“One Sydney resident had a plumbing bill of $16,000 to repair a problem caused by flushing wet wipes,” Mr Cash said.

Sydney Water has said that if any alternatives to toilet paper must be used, they need to go in the bin and not down the toilet.

Instead, they advise to remember to only flush away the three P’s – pee, poo and [toilet] paper.

So if you’re one of the culprit’s panic buying up all the loo rolls, in the strong word’s of our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, STOP IT!

It’s causing more issues than you might think!