Don’t you think painting your nails is bittersweet?

I enjoy the finished product, but the painting and then waiting for it to dry seems to last FOREVER.

It’s at least 40 minutes to an hour out of your day, once you take drying time into consideration. Well, I’m SO pleased to announce, that those days, painful as they were – are over.

Introducing nail polish that can be SPRAYED ON, with no mess. Yep, just point and shoot – and get an incredible mani in like 5 seconds flat – oh wait, plus another 5 seconds to wash your hands. So 10 all up.

So, how does it not leave your hands like a hot mess? Glad you asked.


See the legends at Nails Inc. have created a formula that will only adhere to your base coat – not your skin.

Meaning that once you’re done, you just wash your hands to get the product off your skin – without sacrificing your mani.

It looks as though we’ll have to wait until 2016 to get our hands on some, but it’ll be worth it. YAY!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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