While there has been a significant drop in smoking consumption over the past few years, the drop has now plateaued. 

Why? Because tobacco companies have re engineered cigarettes to more efficiently deliver the nicotine that keeps their customers coming back!

Effectively, the companies have increased the ‘yield’, which means even if smokers smoke less during the day, they still get A LOT of nicotine. 

So, the cigarettes your parents smoked are certainly not as powerful as the ones consumed today. 

However, another reason it has become so much harder to quick lately, is that not only are today’s cigarettes different, so are smokers. They are more likely to experience stress, worry and depression regardless of their income.

Additionally, funding for tobacco prevention has been cut significantly, so the marketing encouraging people to quit is no longer so present. 

Here are some tips for smokers trying to quit! 


1. Challenge beliefs that justify smoking 

2. Consider the triggers to smoking and prepare strategies to avoid/refrain 

3. Consider slowly cutting down as a strategy to quitting

4. Download an APP on your smartphone so you always have access to psychological and behavioral techniques 

Source: Huffington Post

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