There’s a new trend going around the internet and we absolutely love it. I mean, any excuse for some more bling right?

But, this one is actually a pretty awesome excuse…

In a world where being a single lady can be fairly confusing – ie whether tonight is a ‘We Run The World’ night, or a ‘solo menulog night’… So, we were pretty excited to find out about Fred and Far’s Self Love Pinky Ring.

Girls buying these are committing to honour, respect and focus on themselves every day, and that’s just ace. Celebs like Lucy Hale and Amber Rose are already sporting these rings.

The rings themselves start from around $200, and feature stirling silver, or rose, white or yellow gold and a fancy 1.5 karat lab crafted white sapphire stone.

Isn’t this a great message to be spreading to sisters everywhere around the world?!


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