For most girls, having well manicured (and painted!) nails is a sign of their life being in order and under control. 

There is nothing worse than chipped nail polish, or worse, BARE nails. 

However the process of painting nails ourselves or even going to a salon is stressful and incredibly time consuming! 

The drying process never seems to be long enough as 4 times out of 5 we seem to be ruining them as soon as we get our cards out of our wallets to pay! 

Additionally, nail polish seems to stain the couch and we spend endless hours soaking and scrubbing off old colours. 

But Youtube account MsNailDecor has saved everyones butt. 

The video (below) teaches us how to make a great do-it-yourself peel-off base coat using Elmer’s glue and water. 


The magical new base means that the nail polish actually PEELS right off! 

In seconds, you can peel off hard to remove glitter nail polish or extra polish that got on your skin. 

Watch below – we can’t wait to try!! 

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