This news is going to straight up make your day if you’re a beauty lover – or even just a female.

As we know, Australia was propelled into a state of bliss when it was announced that Sephora would be landing in our fine country. Fast forward a year – and we only have two stores down under. That would be okay, if only they would sell online – but they don’t… or do they?

The answer is they DO! Well, they do from 11am today.

That means that for everyone who lives outside of Sydney, or couldn’t make the trip into Pitt St in Sydney CBD or Macquarie Centre, you can now enjoy all of the amazingness that Sephora has to offer!

That’s free EXPRESS shipping on purchases over $55, brand like Sleek, IT Cosmetics, Tarte and the elusive Sephora brand at your fingertips!


So, what are you waiting for? Get online, sign up, answer a few questions to have products perfectly tailored to you and shop up BIG!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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