Only a tiny number (8%) of us sleep in the nude. 

If you’re part of that group, well done! You’re on the path to health. 

For those who rock a onesie, nightie or your boyfriends oversized t shirt to bed, you need to read this!

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, your body drops when you sleep, meaning pyjamas will keep your body TOO warm and therefore disrupt your sleep cycle. 

An interrupted sleep cycle can lead to insomnia and other MAJOR health issues. 

Additionally, according to viral thread, scientists say that sleeping naked releases the kind of hormones that’ll put you in a ‘frisky’ mood. 

But wait, there’s more! Sleeping naked also helps with your diet! 


When your body cools down at night, the release of growth hormones increases and cortisol levels decrease. 

Cortisol is that little friend of ours that makes us oh so hungry.. No clothes = No late night cravings!!!

So.. who’s going nude tonight!?!

Source: Viral Thread

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