It’s pretty obvious that being a good kisser will help your love-life, but just how important is it?

Researchers from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford have hypothesized that subjects who were told that a potential partner was a “good kisser” would find the potential partner as more attractive and would be more likely to pursue future dates with them, over someone who was described as a “bad kisser.”

As well as this, the researchers expected that subjects would be more interested in having casual sex with this person and would be more likely to consider a long-term relationship, especially for women. 

So how did they go about proving their theories?

The researchers gathered 724 participants who all took an online questionnaire in which they were presented with four different scenarios involving potential partners, each with a series of follow-up questions. Half of the vignettes described a “good kisser” and the half described a “bad kisser.”

Participants had to rate the potential partner in four different ways:
– how attractive they thought he/she was,
– how interested they would be in going out on a date with the person,
– how interested they would be in having casual sex with the person, and
– how likely they would be to pursue a long-term relationship.

The researchers then compared participants’ ratings of the “good kisser” and the “bad kisser.”


Did the “good kissers” come out on top – get the pun?! Of course they did… they were rated as more attractive, better odds of getting a date, better odds of a casual sex encounter, and better odds for a long-term relationship. All four… better than a trifecta!

Where’s the clincher? Well, kissing ability was more important for women if any casual sexual encounter was going to happen, in other words, guys don’t care if a girl can kiss well, they just want to get laid.

Did we really need science to prove that?? Well now you know for sure at least!

H/T: Science of Relationships

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