A primary school in Tasmania has sparked controversy after banning their students from taking candy canes to school over the festive period. 

Bellerive Primary School announced their healthy policy this week, which also outlines that birthday cakes will be banned from next year onwards. 

The decision has left many parents angry, complaining on the school’s Facebook page that the school’s healthy eating policy had gone too far. 

“What about poor old Easter bunny ? He’s not allowed ? No more little Easter eggs?” asked one parent.

A representative from the Tasmania School Canteen Association was interviewed by a local radio station, and told listeners that they firmly believe that lollies have no place in the classroom.

“There’s scientific evidence now to show that when children have lollies the sugar levels in their blood are really high and they then behave differently,”


Many schools in Victoria have similar confectionery guidelines, where sugary treats aren’t allowed to be sold at some canteens. 

Do you think candy canes and birthday cakes should be banned from school? Tell us in the comments section below. 
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