Tess Holliday, plus-size model and fabulous human being, is beautiful in countless ways. There’s the physical way, obviously, and there’s also beautiful in the way that good people interested in helping advance society can be. Let’s talk about that second point for now, OK?

Tess did an interview with L.A. Weekly and she was able to share this very true, often disregarded fact:

“Size isn’t an indicator of health. I don’t smoke. I barely drink. I work 15-hour days, I’m getting married this year and I have a son.”

And she’s right. As much as some people would like to be all “she’s fat, she’s unhealthy, she’s probably going to have a heart attack sometime in the next half hour,” it’s just not accurate. You can tell how healthy a person is by running tests and doing physicals, not by looking at her. Fat people can live long lives, just like thin people can be in terrible health. And even if someone’s weight did indicate her health, why does that give anyone the right to be cruel to her? 

“I’d wear the most beautiful dress and ruin it by putting on a frumpy cardigan, because I was too afraid to show my arms … I’ll often think, ‘Is this going to piss people off because I’m showing off my body?’ If I think it will, then I’ll wear it. People put their fears on others. Just because you’re afraid of being fat, don’t put that on me. I’m not recruiting people to be fat. I’m just existing in this body and I’ve found a way to love it.”

Truer words were never spoken.


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