School is a place where kids are encouraged to discover who they are and explore their individuality, within the school guidelines of course.

But imagine if your school was SO streamlined, that they photoshopped all of your distinguishing features from your school photos, too?

Well that is the reality for the students of Daylesford Secondary College, who were outraged to discover that their school photographs had actually been photoshopped to rid them of piercings, straighten their noses and even rid them of a monobrow!

The photos even concealed things such as blemishes and freckles, which were noticeably missing from the snaps.

The principal of Daylesford, Graeme Holmes admitted that the school took the ‘wrong approach’ in removing these characteristics from the student’s photographs.


He has offered original portraits to the families at no extra cost, but the students say it’s too late for that.

“We paid for a photo to show how we looked in 2015, but this isn’t how we look,” student Jackie Lipplegoes said. She had a piercing of hers removed from her photo and was disappointed that the finished product didn’t showcase the real her.

A mother of one of the students also spoke out about her disappointment, “As parents, we know that they’re proud of those differences and it means a lot to them,” she said. “They’re just trying to find who they are but this has been stripped from them. It’s just not right.”

Surprisingly, Mr Holmes has stuck by the changes to the school policy, which was the reason for editing the photos in the first place.

“Next year, we will ensure that students have plenty of notice that they will only be able to participate in school photos if they meet our uniform policy,” he said.

Source: The Courier

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