It turns out that my Mum was WRONG – at least about one thing…! Sleeping in can be a good thing!

A new study has found that people who sleep in on weekends are expected to live longer…
And where would we be without those studies?!

Psychologist/legend Torbjorn Akerstedt, who is the director of the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University, and his fellow researchers/legends recently came together to study the effects of sleeping, and have published a study in the Journal of Sleep Research.

The study tracked the sleeping habits of 38,000 people in Sweden over 13 years, and results show that people under the age of 65 who slept five hours or less every night, all week long, did NOT live as long as people who regularly got seven hours a night.

BUT… people who made up for the lack of sleep during the week with a good sleep in on weekends, managed to catch up on everything, and live just as long as people who sleep at least 7 hours a night.

Sounds like we’ll all be hitting that snooze a few times button this weekend!

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