Taking the morning after pill doesn’t work as well on woman who weigh more than 69kg.

It may not sound that bad, but that is the average weight of an Australian lady.

A study published in the Contraception Journal used ten women aged between 18 and 35, all of whom weighed different weights, some ‘normal weight’ and others deemed ‘obese’.

They were given the contraceptive that has levonorgestrel in it, the hormone that stops women from ovulating.

Alison Edelman and Jeffrey Jensen of the Oregon Health and Science University oversaw the study, and the results were outstanding.

The morning after pill failed four times more often in obese women than it did in those who were the average weight.

It’s not all bad news though as ‘’By doubling the dose, we doubled the level of levonorgestrel observed in the bloodstream,” Alison told Women’s Health magazine.


“We were surprised and pleased to see that we were able to compensate for (the effect of obesity) by doubling the dose.”

They do not recommend double your dose . However, that is for your doctor to decide.

However, research is now underway to see if there is another pill that is more effective for women.

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