Spots always seem to creep up on the worst days, they always seem to rear their ugly heads just when you need to be looking your flawless best.

And we know you really shouldn’t try to pop them, but more often than not it just has to be done.

Then all you’re left with is raw red broken skin and a massive amount of regret.

However Olivia Palermo’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin, has come to the rescue with his secret weapon for concealing spots, even ones that have been popped.

He swears by NYX Proof It eyeshadow primer for covering up any nasty blemishes.


The reason this stuff is like magic is because it’s a paste as opposed to a liquid or gel, and because of this it covers EVERYTHING.

You can find it here for just $12 which sounds like the ultimate bargain.

You can then apply foundation and concealer over the coat of primer to achieve the ultimate flawless spot-free look!

Source Byrdie

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