Over 500,000 new rapid COVID-19 testing kits, that are said to provide test results for patients in just 15-minutes, are set to be rolled out across Australia from next week.

At the moment, tests can take a number of days to provide answers on whether a person is positive or negative to the coronavirus, and they aren’t readily available to most people.

This 15-minute kit from Endo X returns immediate results and therefore will help speed up the process of testing, allowing the potential to screen more patients daily and possibly even reduce quarantine periods.

You don’t have to have one of those uncomfortable swaps stuck up your nose in this new way of testing either. The rapid testing kits simply requires a pin prick to your finger so that it can take one drop of blood to search for COVID-19 antibodies.

“The rapid 15-minute Antibody IgM/IgG kit will add ammunition to Australia’s fight against COVID-19, providing an easy and efficient way to test people who may show limited or no symptoms of the virus,” said the Director of Endo X, Dr. David Badov.

“The test will reveal if the patient has antibodies in their blood and are now immune to COVID-19, supporting workers in getting back to their jobs in this time of uncertainty.”

The test has a detection accuracy rate of 94.6% from 4-10 days of the patient developing symptoms and 99.3% after 11-24 days, given it takes a number of days for immunity-related antibodies to appear in the blood.


Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use in Australia on 20 March, 500,000 of these new test kits will arrive in Australia from next week and will be administered by nurses, GPs and emergency departments in conjunction with current testing.

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