New mums are dumping traditional medical umbilical cord clamps and opting to knit their own personalised decorative versions.

But doctors warn the non-sterile materials are “a dangerous fashion fad”, and a recipe for infection.

Private midwives report that 80 per cent of women bring their own DIY cord clamps to the birth and babies will usually wear them for a week or until the cord stump is fully healed.

Picture: Emma Jean Photography

Brisbane midwife Emma Nolan says the trend has exploded over the last few years.

“I used one on my own child three years ago but then you couldn’t get any of the pretty decorative ones, today there are loads of patterns online showing how to make them and you can buy personalised designs. It’s not really about the aesthetics though, the traditional plastic clamp is very hard and uncomfortable under the nappy for a newborn and mums just took it upon themselves to come up with a better option,” she said.


Ms Nolan says she believes infection is unlikely as most parents keep the decorative part outside of the nappy.

However a Brisbane obstetrician Dr Pecoraro warns mums against the DIY clamps saying a crocheted or knitted wool device is the potential for infection as they can easily get wet as they become covered in faeces and urine.

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