A new COVID-19 drive-through clinic has opened in Sydney’s North West as the state government urges people to get tested if they have any symptoms.

The clinic, which is open seven days a week from 8am-4pm, has opened at Laverty Pathology Laboratory at 60 Waterloo Road in North Ryde.

To get tested, patients are required to get a request form filled out by their doctor. While remaining in their car, patients must show their ID, Medicare card and completed request form to the clinic. A staff member will then take a nasal swab.

Results will then be sent to the patient’s referring doctor. However, negative results will be made available via SMS.

Last month, a respiratory clinic opened on Khartoum Road in Macquarie Park to assess those with respiratory symptoms, as well as test for COVID-19, influenza and pneumonia.

The news comes as Australia’s top medical officer aims to see fewer than 20 new cases of coronavirus each week – or ideally none – before the nation starts easing restrictions.

Brendan Murphy says the nation cannot be complacent as long as any new coronavirus cases are being found but it can be more confident if testing is expanded to include people without any symptoms and contact tracing is ramped up.