Pretty safe to say that, whether or not you’re a good flyer, no-one enjoys that stomach-falling-to-your-feet feeling that happens when a plane hits turbulence and drops down.

But, as with most things, being picky when it comes to seat selection could save you a great deal of nausea – and armrest gripping.

Pilot Bruno Gillissen conducted a little experiment of his own after being asked, time and again, where the most stable section of the plane is, helped by four willing – and very experienced – flight attendants.

“All four agree upon the back of the plane being the worst place,” he explained in a Q&A on Quora. “All pilots would agree with this as well I think.”

When it came to the best place to sit, nearly everyone was in agreement, too.

“Three out of four were convinced the least turbulence is felt in the very front – only one of them pointed to somewhere over the wings,” Gillissen continued. 

“The three who had no doubt it was the front of the plane were female flight attendants with more experience.


“The one who disagreed and opted for the wing zone was a junior male flight attendant.

“The three female flight attendants agree with most airline crew that the least turbulence is in the front of the airplane. That is consistent with my experience.”

Apparently it all has to do with the plane’s centre of gravity; the back of the aircraft is the worst section thanks to the elevator having to work hard to attempt to restore stability. 

And fingers crossed that, wherever you sit, you don’t spot a snake hanging from the overhead locker.

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