We’re just going to put it out there: God is an Ariana and we want in on that life. Thankfully, Lush understands where we’re coming from.

From today Lush Cosmetics stores around Australia will be selling the Goddess bath bomb, a treat for your tub inspired by Miss Grande’s mesmerising scene in the God is a Woman video.

You know, this beauty:

When Ariana’s God is a Woman music video was released earlier this year, fans and Ariana herself were keen to recreate their own milk galaxy-looking bath.

Soon, the power of Ari led to the folks at Lush whipping up something pretty similar.


Jack Constantine, the brand’s chief development officer and product inventor, teased a little prototype of the bath bomb shortly after the music video dropped in July, and ever since fans (and myself) have eagerly been awaiting its official release.

The little ball of magic goes for $10.95 and has ‘all the ingredients for a true goddess’ including jasmine absolute and sandal wood, and promises to ‘lift your mind to a higher plane.’

It lingers when you’re done, and you too will believe that God is a woman.

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