Kylie Jenner’s new beauty tips video on her app is giving us seriously valuable insight into her beauty routine. 

While some of her tips are pretty standard, like get enough sleep, drink water and wear sunscreen, she has revealed one inexpensive way to get bright white teeth. 

Coconut oil. “Coconut oil is a natural extract for white teeth” Kylie says. 

She suggested it as a cheaper alternative to teeth whitening. 

However New York cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg says that although oil pulling has benefits, whitening isn’t one of them. 

“Results of oil pulling include fresher breath, brighter teeth and reduction of bleeding gums while flossing. It is important to note that oil pulling does not take the place of brushing and flossing and I suggest using a tongue scraper after swishing with the oil for 20 minutes to remove the oil from the surface of the tongue. The proof of efficacy of this treatment is something you can see and feel after several days of this treatment. I wouldn’t suggest this for whitening teeth.” 

Kylie also said the one thing boys look at are a lady’s nails. “Maintain your nails, ladies. My mum always taught me this growing up because a man always looks at a woman’s nails. Yeah, just get them done”. 


Finally unlike Kim’s advice about sleeping in your makeup, Kylie said “wash your face every night and get all your makeup off. And don’t forget cause it’s really bad to sleep in makeup”. 

Thanks for the advice Kylie!

🍓 (ps broken nail 😔)

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Source: Cosmopolitan 

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