God knows why but Jägermeister are doing limited edition bath bombs?

I cannot explain.

But yes, they’re fizzy bath bombs that smell like the drink that haunts your teen nightmares. 

Apparently the green bomb uses Jäger’s “signature scents” eg) cinnamon, sweet orange and aniseed and sorry, was I supposed to pick up those subtle flavours when I had my head in a toilet bowl?

It does sound kind of nice though…


It was tweeted on the 1st of April so excuse me if I, for SURE thought this was an April Fools prank product, because it would be a good one!

But alas nope!

People have begun tweeting their received packages and it appears to be legitimate and legitimately SOLD OUT ON THE WEBSITE! 

So if this sounds up your alley, it’ll be shipped from the UK and roughly $20 for 2 bombs, 2 small bottles of Jäger and 2 BANDANAS!


That’s badass, I’ve changed my mind, I’m ordering some as soon as they restock.

If we can down shot of it in a club, the least I can do is inhale deeply as I treat myself to some self care.