Mother of two, Rachel Graham is inspiring women all over the world after dropping 40 kilos. 

After gaining weight while pregnant with her second son, Rachel changed her relationship with food and exercise and began documenting her experience online. 

The Canadian quickly gained the attention of Instagram users world wide, amassing over 100,000 followers in just a year. 

But it’s the mum’s honesty, rather than her dazzling transformation, that’s gaining attention. Last week Rachel took to Instagram to highlight the REAL effects of extreme weight loss, bravely posting pictures showing the excess skin she’s been left with.


She wrote,”Do I regret losing weight? Hellll noooo. ‘I am more FIT than I’ve ever been in my entrée life. Happier. HEALTHIER. I’d be lying if I said my loose skin wasn’t an insecurity of mine…But I refuse to let it consume me.”


Her comments struck a cord with users who praised her honesty and braveness. 

The mum puts her weight loss success down to eating healthy foods, portion control and good old exercise. 

You go girl!

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