Have you ever been stunned by someone’s deafening sneeze?

There are pretty much two types of ‘sneezers’ in this world; those who sneeze LOUDLY and proudly and those who barely make a noise – for some, it’s merely a tiny squeak.

Well, according to science, all those earth-shatteringly loud ‘sneezers’ out there are having more fun in between sheets.

Yep, earth-shattering sneezes may equate to earth-shattering orgasms.

Try not to think about THAT little fact next time your allergy-prone aunt or that weird guy on public transport lets out a big, loud sneeze. It’s hay fever season, so good luck with this!


According to Dr Alan Hirsch, a neurologist from the Smell and Taste Research Foundation:

“When we think about sneezing, it’s almost orgasmic in its quality. By giving in to it, you’re experiencing the positive pleasures of a nasal orgasm. So if someone is more sexually repressed, they may withhold it. But if they’re hedonistically-oriented and like pleasure, they may sneeze loudly and strongly.”

Science is basically telling us, people who sneeze hard, live hard.

So, if you’re the type of sneezer who disrupts the whole office during a sneeze attack, OWN it!

Source: Elite Daily

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