When she was just 10 years old, Mallory Buettner weighed 90 kilograms.

By the time she was 18, her weight had ballooned to 130kgs and by age 20 she was 166kgs.

In a recent interview the Primary School teacher, now 29, says her life was marred by her constant weight gain.

“I had never worn a bikini in my life, and I dreaded to put on a bathing suit even in my own hot tub in the back yard.”

At her biggest, Mallory was 190kg. She was trying dieting but nothing was working.

Fed up, she decided to try a gastric bypass surgery following a recommendation from doctors in November 2013.

She booked the surgery, which she knew was going to be a risk to her health and wallet, but what she didn’t realise was that she was going to lose more than weight.


Because Mallory’s fiancé couldn’t handle her transformation.

“I was engaged at the time,” she said. “The surgery was scheduled for two months before the wedding.

“He wasn’t supportive and liked things the way they were. I think he thought I wouldn’t love him after I lost weight.”

In the end, Mallory had to choose between her health or her heart.

“We called off the wedding days before the date and never spoke again.

“It was the hardest thing but I had to choose to be happy. We both moved on.”


The day of her surgery, Mallory bought five new bikinis and it wasn’t long until she was using them; she lost 9kg a month for this first six months post-op, and has continued to shed weight ever since.

But, the determined Canadian is quick to point out, she has been working hard to keep it up. 

She gave up carbs for a full year, and keeps an eye on her portion sizes by using smaller plates so as not to accidentally overeat.

Mallory’s final step was to remove the 4.5kg of excess skin she had been left with on her stomach and arms; on June 30, she completed her transformation with a tummy tuck and brachioplasty.


And now the school teacher is urging anyone else struggling with their weight to ask for help – and she’s using her own experience as prime example.

“I live in a bikini now. I wear one every day, I am a bikini bum.

“For the first time I feel like the outside matches the inside.”

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