Jason from Vancouver has been documenting his recurring ganglion cyst for years now. 

He’s tried every trick in the book and now he thinks he’s found the ultimate solution – a push pin

Thanks to the power of the internet, we’ve seen some pretty disgusting cyst removals, but you can actually hear this thing POP.

Jason tells the camera, ‘I just tried to pop it with this large fish hook,’  showing viewers the hook wrapped around his cyst.  ‘It did not work and it left a little – kind of a bruise-ish mark around the area.

‘It was really frustrating and extremely painful. So I’m going to use this push pin instead. It’s worked really well in the past.’

Are you ready to witness the moment Jason bursts the cyst on his wrist – by hammering a nail into the lump and letting the fluid just burst RIGHT OUT?! 


If you’re game, click on the video above and try not to gag. 

Source: Daily Mail

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