We end up spending more time a week with our work colleagues than our family and friends combined, which is why it’s common to build an unbreakable bond with fellow co-workers.

A new report has found that those who foster strong friendships in the workplace are happier in the office. While this sounds like a no brainer, working friendships have the potential to increase happiness at the workplace as much as earning $100,000 more a year.

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Research reveals having a friend at work can give you the extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning, when you really don’t feel like it! Surprisingly, it can make you more engaged with your work… ummm…this was SO not the case when you sitting next to your bestie at school.

According to Michelle Gibbins, who is an expert in organisational complexity, strong friendships in the workforce encourage collaboration and can end disagreements and unproductive competitive behaviour.

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She revealed people who have friends at work are more likely to take on board what they have to say, leading to a productive workplace. Whereas if you have a ‘foe’ at work you’re more likely to misinterpret their intent.


It totally makes sense… but we wouldn’t mind the $100,000 extra.

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