Next time you think about buying counterfeit makeup you may want to think again.

One beauty blogger got more than she bargained for when she purchased multiple sets of counterfeit Kylie Jenner lips kits. 

The lip kits were purchased through Aliexpress for just $3! While the genuine lip kits will set you back around $37.  

Blogger Jordan Byers set out to put the lip kits to the test and was quickly appalled by the difference in colour compared to the real deal. 

After applying the mismatched lip liner, Jordan was surprised at how good the first lip gloss colour came out. She then puckered her lips together and was shocked when they remained stuck. 

Source: Instagram – Jordan Byers

Source: Instagram – Jordan Byers


‘Did you just see that!?’ she exclaimed. 

The popular beauty blogger remained quiet for a few moments staring at a mirror in disbelief. 

‘Is it safe to out glue in lipstick!?’ Jordan Byers questioned. 

‘This is coming from China. This is not ok. You can’t put glue in lipsticks!? There’s some kind of toxic something in there,’ she continued.  

Despite asking viewers to pray for her after testing the first lip kit, she went on to try the reaming four with the same result. 

‘I have a feeling that I’m going to have some serious medical issue after I put on all five of these lip glosses,’ she said looking worried. 


Thankfully she survived but has warned others against purchasing the popular ‘fakeup.’ 

Checkout the full video here: 

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