For years now, when women went to the hairdresser, they’d name a celebrity to give their hairdresser an idea of the look they were going for. The ‘Alexa’ meant a short balayaged crop, the ‘Halle’ meant a short pixie crop, and the ‘Rachel’, was a sleek, caramel look, reflective of Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, on FRIENDS.

Now, there’s a new request from women who park themselves in the hairdresser’s chair: babylights.

Yep, women are trying desperately to replicate the soft hues that occur naturally on a baby’s head.

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The adult version has been named ‘babylights’, which are basically super fine highlights.

The technique is designed to give the illusion of natural gold threads woven through your hair and are created with hues that are 1-2 shades lighter than the person’s hair colour, according to Kimberly Cannon, colourist at Marie Robinson Salon.


Source: Mashable

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