I’m sure we’ve all heard of yoga and it’s many variations. Hot yoga, Bikram yoga, yin yoga… there’s so many types that to be honest we’re not even that certain of the difference between them. But this latest trend to hit the yoga scene is definitely one that we’re able to differentiate.

It’s called NUDE yoga, and yep we’re betting that you can guess what that means by just hearing the name.

While they might sound strange, these classes are taught by Aleea Moodie in Toowoomba, Queensland and they’re actually designed to help women overcome their body image issues and accept that they are beautiful the way that they are.

“People are way too comfortable with violence and blood – so why is it we get so awkward with the naked body?” said the 29-year-old instructor to 9NEWS. “So I went from there and made it my mission to make us comfortable with our bodies.”

The classes are for women only and Ms Moodie has said that she usually gets about 10 to 15 people in each session.

Basically the way that it works is that the women strip down nude and perform a class field with traditional yoga poses in a room lit only by candlelight. But don’t worry there’s no downward dog!

To help people feel comfortable, the women also all remain in a straight line so that no one is necessarily looking at one and other’s…bits.


And while people might feel a bit weird or nervous at first, Ms Moodie has said that people actually become comfortable very fast because being nude makes them feel free.

“It’s freedom, it’s vulnerability, it’s liberation,” said Ms Moodie. “Not having clothes is the best thing ever.”

Ms Moodie has said that he classes have been very popular in the Toowoomba area with most sessions booking out and so she is now considering taking the unique classes across the country.

Would you participate in a nude yoga class?

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