If you’ve been worried about your lack of sleep lately, stress less! 

A recent study by scientists have declared SIX hours completely sufficient! 

While we’ve all been lead to believe that 8 hours is required each night, six or seven is the natural amount, according to scientists. 

US researchers studied the sleeping patterns in tribal communities who weren’t affected by modern day technology like Tanzania, to see if internet and technology were playing a part in sleeping interruptions. 

They found that the average amount of sleep per night was just 6 hours and 25 minutes. 

These people were also in very good health, had low obesity rates, better blood pressure and healthier hearts. 

Ghandi Yetish, the lead author of the study said “There’s this expectation what we should all be sleeping for eight or nine hours a night and if you took away modern technology, people would be sleeping more … But now, for the first time, we are showing that’s not true.” 


Now there really is NO excuse for hitting snooze on your alarm and skipping that gym session! 

Source: dailymail

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