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Heading to Insta for some #inspo can get you in the mood for a good workout or some healthy eating, but it can also make you depressed about your own body.

But what if we told you that most of the stuff you see isn’t really real anyway?

Fitness blogger ‘SaggySara’ agrees and has posted some side-by-side photos of herself to demonstrate. Sarah shows us that those ‘candid’ looking shots of the Kardashians and other famous people are really not candid at all, rather, carefully planned shots using all the most flattering positions and angles.

Quick to point out her side-by-side shots are not progress shots, they’ve been taken only seconds apart, Sarah tells us that “Their (the Kardashians) butts can’t ALWAYS look that big from every angle. Don’t think you can’t (achieve your goals) because you’re comparing a posed photo of a body to your everyday body. Use them as motivation but don’t get too caught up on them.”

Not a progress photo 🙅🏼 Since its #humpday I thought it would be appropriate to post a booty pic 🍑 I thought I’d show my booty from its normal straight leg standing position vs a posed booty pop position 😬 cause in a world where the Kardashian’s bootys are so glorified, we need to remember that the photos we see of them and others aren’t always reality. Their butts can’t ALWAYS look that big from every angle 🤔 Same goes with photos on Instagram, we see them as goals and think we’ll never be able to gain that much muscle or lose that much fat, but what you need to remember is that those photos you see are achievable, you can get to your goals, you can achieve anything with the right amount of determination, patience and effort! Don’t think you can’t because you’re comparing a posed photo of a body to your everyday body. Use them as motivation but don’t get too caught up on them. YOU are beautiful and can do anything you put your mind to. I hope you have an amazing day 🌴☀️

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Below, she illustrates on the left one of the photos she would normally delete, and then another taken only seconds later where she’s in a more favourable pose.


Photos aren’t always reality 😬🌿 Usually when I take photos I honestly take about a hundred and will pick one or two of the best ones to post where I think I look good and I’ll delete the ones where I’m not ready (tummy relaxed, non smiling, mid posing photos. Basically me at my worst chilling angles 😂). So here’s one of the photos I would normally delete and pretend never happened on the left and my good flexed, posed, smiley one on the right. I wanted to post this to show another example of how Instagram shows the highlights of people’s lives most of the time and how posing changes the way you look drastically. So you shouldn’t compare your everyday self to someone’s highlights on Instagram. Also wanted to clear up that there’s nothing wrong with posing and posting your best photos, you should post photos where you feel good, it’s just important to know that people don’t look like their good photos all the time. Just don’t get caught up comparing your body to someone’s best angles. You’re beautiful and amazing no matter what 💕 I just felt the need to spread some positivity and love today. Hope you all have an absolutely lovely day 🌴☀️

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So there you go, take that Kylie Jenner!

Looking back at Turks

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