Migraines are one of the worst things in the world, especially if they are chronic and occur on a regular basis.

That is why it is really important to stop them before they happen and if you really concentrate on the following steps, you mind find them disappearing or not occurring at all!

1. Make sure you get enough sleep!
Sleeping can help regulate your hormones and can reduce tension on a regular basis, so by prioritizing a deep and adequate nights sleep means you are relaxed and decrease the likelihood of a migraine occurring.

2. Identify things that make you stressed.
By figuring out what is stressing you out, it means you can get rid of them. Everyone is different, so we all have different triggers. For some it could be food but others it could be a sound or hunger!

3. Drink heaps of water.
It sounds simple but most people forget to drink the one thing that is really important in your life. If you stay hydrated all day it means you keep alert and less inflame and may lower your amount of headaches.

4. Be mindful of your caffeine intake.
While some people may find that caffeine can cure a migraine, others may find it causes it. If you don’t want a migraine, it is recommended that you stop consuming it 6 hours before bed.

5. Hit the gym
According to a 2011 study, getting a regular workout can reduce the prevalence of migraines. It recommends that migraine sufferers should hit the gym for 40 minutes, three days a week.


6. Think of your last meal.
According to Health Guide, if the body is starved and needs to nourished more often than not then you should be eating more. By adding in healthy snacks like nuts, hummus or fruit, it could stop a migraine happening.

Hopefully all these help!

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