While many people might be finding the restrictions surrounding social isolation difficult amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to look at the silver lining of the situation.

Many people are saving money, spending more quality time with family, and in the past two weeks alone, over 500 dogs and cats have been rescued across NSW alone. That’s a 28 per cent increase from the same time last year.

While this is incredible news, an animal shelter has spoken of fears that there could be a mass surrender of pets after the restrictions pass.

Many people have sought the comfort of a pet from an animal shelter while they’re stuck at home, but we’re being warned to make sure we are thinking about life post-coronavirus before adopting a new furry family member.

“We have seen so many animals go into their forever homes, and we hope they’re bringing you some much needed love, warmth and company,” said RSPCA NSW’s chief executive Steve Coleman about the significant increase in adoptions.


However, a shelter called Lost Dog’s Home has spoken of concern that the adoption-fever will lead to a lot of animals being abandoned when life returns to normal.

“During times of stress dogs and cats can provide people with happiness and cheer them up,” said Suzana Talevski from the charity.

“But we don’t want them used that way and then suddenly discarded when they’re no longer needed.”

When adopting an animal, Ms Talevski urged people to remember that it’s a longterm commitment.

“These pets are meant to be with us for the duration of their lives,” she said.

“It might be easy and fun now you’re working from home and can walk it twice a day (but) what happens when you go back to work? What if they don’t get on with your existing pets – how do you control that when you’re not there?”


While adopting a pet is an amazing thing, people need to consider a number of things before taking on the animal, especially during these uncertain times.

The RSPCA in NSW has had to shut their doors amid coronavirus restrictions but adoptions can still be made online and over the phone.

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