Perfume is a staple for all women. It makes us feel confident to tackle the day ahead…and smell amazing while doing it. But unbelievably it appears we’ve all been doing it wrong…neglecting one very important area.

While most spritz perfume on their neck and wrists, experts say there are some spots you’re missing!

Bizarrely experts advise spraying perfume on your belly button… that’s right, your BELLY BUTTON.

According to Sven Claisse who is a senior perfumer at fragrance company Takasago, the navel radiates heat and actually enhances a scent. Dabbing a few drops of perfume on your belly button will do wonders.

He says we should be spraying perfume on pulse points, which is why the neck and wrists are always looked after. Apparently behind your elbows and knees are also great points for perfume.

Well, you learn something new every day!  

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