Two recent stillbirths have prompted doctors to urge pregnant women not to rely on smartphones apps to monitor their unborn babies.

According to a report on News Corp, pregnant ladies are relying more and more on apps to help them monitor their babies, despite their being NO evidence to prove their reliability or accuracy.

Tragically, the deaths may have been prevented with proper care.

“It’s such a tragedy to deliver a stillborn baby when urgent medical assessment and intervention may have prevented that loss,” Dr Bowyer tells News Corp.

“One lady was using the app to listen to the foetal heart beat because the baby had not been moving and she had been partially reassured the baby was okay. In both cases the women were given a false sense of security.”


The bottom line is, if you’re using an app to discover the approximate size of your bub, or whether they have hair or teeth, that’s one thing, but professionals advise not using an app to monitor your unborn baby’s heartbeat.

Approximately six babies a day in Australia are stillborn.

The Stillbirth Foundation, in conjunction with the Mater Research Institute at the University of Queensland, are currently trialling a baby movement app but it is not yet available.

Source: Marie Claire

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