If you and your partner’s selfies are more gruesome twosome than Romeo and Juliet, it’s time to take a few #couplies tips from the pros.

As loved-up couples flood social media with romantic self-portrait #couplies ahead of Valentine’s Day, here’s how to turn the jeering into downright jealousy.

“Camera Cupid” Mel Lim-How, head of creative and photography at www.scoopon.com.au, says anyone can shoot a sexy snap with a few key ingredients.

“Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love for someone special in every way possible – from the totally romantic to the utterly cringe worthy (but cute!). And the best way to capture that magical moment is with the perfect Valentine’s #couplie,” Mel says.

Mel’s top 3 tips for a cute #couplie

1. Location, location
“A #couplie isn’t a proper #couplie without a bit going on in the background. For a real point of difference and to truly express your love through a self-indulgent #couplie, capture that moment in front of a sparkling sunset, idyllic back drop or even a bustling city street.”

2. Body beautiful
“It’s all about body position. Don’t be shy to experiment canoodling in a variety of positions (we’re still talking about #couplies here!). Whether you’re lounging around sipping cocktails, savouring a romantic dinner, taking a couples’ massage, or flying high with a scenic flight in a helicopter or balloon, don’t forget to set yourselves up in a perfect position.”

3. Personality principle
“Add to this a generous dose of personal expression – be flirty if that’s you, silly or goofy, or pensive and serious – but don’t take yourselves too seriously! Or, go with an expression that shows another side your friends didn’t know you had. Be creative and enjoy the moment.”


Mel’s best positions for #couplies

* Position 1 – Face to face
– Don’t be shy with this one! Stand face to face, reach out with your phone, get that glint in your eyes and take the snap
– The perfect way to make the best of a picture perfect backdrop

* Position 2 – Ambush cuddle

– Stand one in front of the other with the person behind wrapping their arms around the person in front in the warmest of warm embraces
– Stage an ambush at the pub, the bar or even out at a festival
– Note – beware of #couplies photobombers!

* Position 3 – Getting down #1

– Lying front side down, get nice and snuggly. Then one of you puts your arm across the other’s back – smile like a Cheshire cat and take that snap!
-Take a couples’ massage together, ask to have the tables placed close together and capture that warm and fuzzy moment

* Position 4 – Getting down # 2

– Lying down on the ground, bodies pointing in opposite directions with your heads side by side and staring up at the clouds
– This creative shot looks extra-romantic lying on the sand, grass, or while relaxing on a floating pool lounge

* Position 5 – Up high
– Get cosy while standing up, raise phone above your heads and snap away  
– Try and find the highest point in your surroundings and make sure your backdrop is underneath you
– Think hot air balloon rides, joint pedicures and cliff-top #couplies over moonlit lagoons!

Mel’s advice for #couplies – general
* Be spontaneous and take lots of shots. You can always go back and pick your best one later. Even if you’re no Derek Zoolander in front of the camera, remember – all it takes is one delightful snap out of a bunch and you’re set
* Stick to poses where you can see yourselves in the shot – avoid cropped faces
* See the light! Consider the lighting in your surrounds to avoid those unflattering under eye bags. You’re in love, not ready for bed!
* If you’re not brave enough to go with #nofilter, then check out apps perfect for retouching facial shots, or add a cool filter. There are heaps to choose from!
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